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While Earth Day comes once a year on April 22, at Lands' End we do our best to make sustainability a year-round commitment. In fact, being "Lands' Friendly" is an integral part of our brand. After all, our location in the unique landscape of Wisconsin's Driftless region, with its lakes, woodlands and prairies, constantly inspires us to reduce our footprint on the natural environment. These are some of the ways we show our commitment to the earth.

Reducing Our Impact

At Lands' End, a company-wide energy management program helps reduce carbon emissions. We have also installed electric vehicle charging stations and encourage carpooling. Five buildings at our headquarters have been designated "ENERGY STAR" facilities by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). And what's the best way to get from one building to another on our Dodgeville campus? By bike, of course.


A major initiative at our Wisconsin campuses is recycling and reducing waste to become a "zero landfill" company. This includes composting coffee grounds, food scraps and garden waste, which we later use in our vegetable garden. And, we're making it easier for everyone to join in the effort with e-catalogs as an alternative to paper catalogs, as well as our fabric recycling programs: when we hem pants (free of charge we might add), we donate the cut-off pieces to a Wisconsin charity that reuses the fabric, so nothing goes to waste.

Partnering with Martex Fiber, we also work with some of our largest Lands' End Business customers to recycle used uniform clothing into post-consumer fiber, mainly for auto insulation. So far we have shipped more than 430 tons of materials for recycling.

One Million Trees and Counting

Since 2012 we’ve been a partner of the National Forest Foundation (NFF) to undertake large-scale plantings in U.S. forests. We understand the vital role our forests play in creating and sustaining the living world we love. So far we've planted 1.4 million trees in national forests across the country. That's a lot of air cleaned, carbon dioxide absorbed and oxygen released into the atmosphere.

We Dig Gardening

Our community garden and individual plots on our Dodgeville campus offer employees the opportunity to grow vegetables for themselves and for local food pantries. While tomatoes are the most popular, our gardeners produce a wide variety of vegetables, native wildflowers and fruit patches such as strawberry, raspberry and rhubarb. The community garden generates about 175 pounds of fresh produce in donations each year.

We All Have A Stake In The Lakes

Living near so many bodies of water, many of our employees enjoy kayaking and boating on our local lakes and rivers. Every year, a dedicated team heads to Madison, Wisconsin to "Renew the Blue" in cooperation with the Dane County-based Clean Lakes Alliance. Our volunteers clear the lakeshore of invasive plants, improving the habitat for native wildlife. While it's hard work, it's a great opportunity to give back to Mother Nature, and it also helps bring Lands' End and our community together.

We're proud of the efforts we make to sustain the environment we love. After all, without a healthy planet, we wouldn't be here. We know many of our customers care about the earth too, and we'd love to hear how you incorporate environmental projects and sustainability into your business.


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