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Timberline Lodge


At an elevation of 6,000 feet, Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood is a National Historic Landmark, year-round ski resort and a destination on countless bucket lists. While the lodge’s breathtaking location as well as its unique architecture and art make an unforgettable impression, so does the quality of dining and accommodation. It’s why Timberline chose Lands’ End Business to outfit many of its hospitality and catering staff.

Providing quality, says marketing manager Ricky Hower, is something “both Lands’ End and Timberline do well.”

Timberline’s legacy of quality goes back to 1937, when the lodge was officially opened by President Franklin Roosevelt. A Works Progress Administration (WPA) project, Timberline brought together 500 skilled artisans, craftsmen and laborers to create one of the few surviving examples of what art historians call “Cascadian” architecture. Hower describes it as “a unique piece of art.”

The entire hotel interior is finished in the rich textures of locally hewn stone and timber. In keeping with its historic character, when you check in here, you are given a real key, not a card, and your room feels like a cozy mountain cabin. The lodge’s centerpiece is the timber-framed main lobby, dominated by a massive stone chimney.

“So many things about this place keep me here−the people, the location, the history,” says Hower, an 18-year employee of Timberline who naturally loves snowboarding on the slopes above the lodge. “This place is, for 100 different reasons, a place people want to come check out. Business has never been better. More people come here every year.”

Naturally, Timberline draws devotees of winter sports, but it’s busy year-round. Even in midsummer, while families splash in the outdoor pool, suited-up snowboarders walk by on their way to the half-pipe another 2,000 feet up the mountain. The lodge also provides respite to hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail. It’s not unusual to meet folks who have been walking for months from the beginning of the trail near San Diego and are now heading into the home stretch that ends at the Canadian border. For ravenous adventurers, Timberline’s various dining experiences, from the Ram’s Head Bar to the Cascade Dining Room, provide a welcome break from energy bars.

Each restaurant also has, in Hower’s words, its own unique “vibe.” “All these different places have different uniforms,” he says. “To have everyone looking different but still unified is huge. Everyone matches, everyone looks good and everyone feels good. Lands’ End really comes through in spades for us.”

While Timberline employees appreciate the styling of their Lands’ End apparel, the functionality and performance of the clothing makes a difference, too. Says Hower: “It’s breathable, it’s durable, but you actually feel good while you’re wearing it.”

Timberline’s location adds challenges to everyone’s daily routine. “The thing about being on a mountain,” says Hower, “you’re going to get wet one way or another. Being able to dry out quickly is really important to a happy workplace. Our employees are big fans of fabrics that keep you dry, comfortable and able to do your job well.”

Even the lodge itself makes staying comfortable an uphill climb, he adds. “It gets hot here. This building is 80 years old. It doesn’t have air conditioning. You want clothes that are functional and breathable. Having these fabrics that work as hard as we work is a lifesaver and a game changer for our employees.”

It also helps Timberline that managers can outfit their employees quickly and easily with help from the customer service team at Lands’ End Business, explains Hower. “You can get a size for anybody. It’s a very smooth, easy process for us.”

Ultimately, Hower says, logo’d apparel from Lands’ End Business is a key element of Timberline’s brand identity: “From ski lessons to a bottle of wine and everything in between, we want it to be quality, and we want to partner with people that have that same mindset.”


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