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Working in a restaurant can get messy, so you’ll want restaurant uniforms that can handle spills and a busy shift. We make our custom restaurant uniforms with the best materials so they hold up to your busy days, whether you’re buying restaurant server uniforms, chef uniforms or restaurant manager uniforms. You can choose uniform shirts that team members can wear with their own pants, or choose complete uniforms, from shirts and pants to aprons and ties. We have casual restaurant uniforms and ones for more formal restaurants, and everything in between.

We know that working at a restaurant requires rugged clothes so we make our custom restaurant uniforms with durable materials. The restaurant uniform fabrics are also comfortable, like our breathable cotton shirts or our high-performance tops that wick away moisture, including sweat from intense shifts on the job. We also make restaurant hostess, cook and manager uniforms that resist shrinkage, fading and stains so the restaurant uniforms look like new longer. There are even wrinkle-resistant restaurant uniform separates that look sharp even without ironing.

You’ll also want custom embroidered restaurant uniforms that never distract your servers, cooks and managers. So we make these custom restaurant uniforms to fit just-right for a variety of frames so there are no gaping or otherwise ill-fitting uniform shirts, pants and other separates. There are comfy uniform tees, sweatshirts and khakis for casual restaurant uniforms at a burger joint, or look for lush button down shirts, ties and dress pants for more formal Italian sit-down restaurants. Because our restaurant host to manager uniforms offer a comfortable fit, employees can concentrate on work – no matter the style of your restaurant.

Creating custom embroidered restaurant uniforms to boost your brand is easy. We offer custom restaurant uniform tops, pants, and other clothes and accessories in a variety of hues to match your company’s colors. And many of our custom logo uniform shirts, pants and other pieces come from our 10 most popular Colors You Can Count On™ so when you order new pieces later, the colors will match. We also have custom uniform pieces for all the seasons, including tees and sweatshirts to short sleeve shirts and blazers.

Your restaurant uniforms help create a unified look, so only settle for the best casual restaurant uniforms. We make the most comfortable custom restaurant uniforms for hostesses and waiters to cooks and managers.

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Have the best restaurant uniforms, whether you’re a casual pizza place or a fancy French restaurant.

Whether you’re chopping vegetables or waiting tables, you want the most comfortable restaurant uniforms. Our custom restaurant uniforms include everything you need, from custom uniform pants to custom aprons and even logo hats. We will embroider these casual restaurant uniforms so you’ll create a unified look for your business, helping build team unity. From restaurant host uniforms to chef uniforms, our collection offers a professional look, whether your employees are seating customers or whipping up dessert.

Like all our custom embroidered clothes, our restaurant uniforms are built to last so your employees will have them longer and everyone will save money. We make our custom restaurant uniform pants to aprons from the best fabrics that include ones that resist fading, staining and shrinkage. And look for casual restaurant uniforms that are wrinkle-resistant, as your team members will love that they can pop on their uniforms right out of the dryer. And we make our restaurant hostess, server, cook and other uniforms in a range of sizes to fit every frame and every activity.

We have restaurant server to manager uniforms – and everything in between in a variety of styles. You can pick casual restaurant uniforms with tees and khakis for pizza joints, or go more formal with ties, button downs and dress pants for a sit-down French bistro. Either way, these formal to casual restaurant uniforms will look sharp in your company colors. When it gets cool, add sweaters, sweatshirts or blazers to the custom restaurant uniforms – and maintain your company look any season of the year.

When you’re working in a restaurant, you want custom restaurant uniforms that are easy to move in. That’s why we make our restaurant uniform pants, tops and other pieces with only the best materials, like silky soft cotton or high performance blends that never show you sweating. We also make sure the restaurant hostess to the server uniforms have a little extra space in all the right spots so they provide maximum comfort and movement. And most of our custom uniform pants, shirts and other restaurant uniform separates are machine washable, saving dry-cleaning costs.
Products 1 - 12 of 363