Land's End

Founded in 1982 by the major space agencies of the world, the CCSDS is a multi-national forum for the development of communications and data systems standards for spaceflight.

Today, leading space communications experts from 27 nations collaborate in developing the most well-engineered space communications and data handling standards in the world.

CCSDS's goal is to enhance governmental and commercial interoperability and cross-support, while also reducing risk, development time, and project costs.

Land’s End offers products (apparel, ball caps, etc.) with the CCSDS logo on them. You can fly your CCSDS colors by ordering a business shirt, polo shirt, ball cap, or other products with the CCSDS logo.

There are currently two versions of the CCSDS logo, with dark lettering or light lettering.  If you would like another CCSDS logo to be added as an option, please contact the CCSDS Secretariat at