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Consider these benefits of branded clothing.
  • It Unites Our Hospice Team...
  • It Inspires Interest in Embrace Hospice...
  • It Shares Our Corporate Culture. ...
  • It Makes a Great Giveaway...

Did you know that some of the brightest and highest-earning individuals in the world wear the same thing everyday?

People like the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Albert Einstein, and even the creative director of Channel, Karl Lagerfeld, all wear roughly the same thing every day.

Think about it, deciding what to wear is often times one of the first decisions you have to make every single day and imagine how much easier it would be to have your go-to uniform so that you had more time, energy and decision-making brain power to use on something else.

Think about your favorite sports team, if you go to the stadium, the fans are pledging their allegiance to their team of choice.  A work uniform can do the same thing, but in a slightly different way.  It can help create a culture of team spirit and belonging among your workforce.  As a result, our culture produces positivity and better productivity.

Join us in promoting

Team Embrace!

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Some products and services are subject to additional fees. Examples may include white-glove delivery and set-up, uniform disposal, and special handling charges. Additional fees (if any) will be clearly itemized in your order summary.