Land's End

Reimbursement Process

When you order embroidered merchandise, you have the convenience of charging the purchase to your personal credit card and having it delivered directly to your home. To claim reimbursement for two embroidery costs per fiscal year:

1). Complete the Embroidery Reimbursement Request form on the FMPA Document Portal, and

2.) Submit the form and a copy of your invoice from Land's End to Melisa Inanc in the Public Relations Department.

FMPA’s Logo Embroidery Policy provides that the Agency will pay the embroidery cost on two items per eligible participant per fiscal year. Any additional embroidery costs (more than two per fiscal year) plus all merchandise costs and any other charges (i.e., taxes and shipping) are the responsibility of each participant.

Questions : If you have any questions about FMPA’s program, please contact Melisa Inanc at FMPA. If you have any questions about your order, please contact Lands’ End. Enjoy shopping!