Land's End

Welcome to the International Windsprite Club's Lands End eStore. You can apply the logo to the right on any products to which an embroidered design can be added. Have fun shopping!

Directions: After you select your product size, color, & quantity, choose "Apply Logo" & select logo. If you wish to change the thread color(s) from the default, select "Change Logo Colors" & select desired colors. Your product might have six thread colors. If so then, 

1 = fill color inside vines (light grey is default)

2 = outline of the oval and vines                   

3 = dogs                                                      

4, 5, 6 = the text from top to bottom

IF your product has background stitching, that color = #1 & all other color#s are shifted by one, & there will be seven total thread colors. After you select your thread colors, "Choose a Location" to place your logo on your product, and then add item to your cart.