Land's End


As of April 2019, Pawsitive Teams has a new logo. If you already have PT-embroidered clothing, it's still just fine to use; but if you need something new, the store is always open!

  1. The preferred shirt for both men and women is a short or long polo in the Lands' End color called "Evergreen," but there are other style options available to you in the store if you're more comfortable in something else.
  2. Two other shirt color options are "Desert Khaki" and "White."
  3. Dark clothing will be embroidered with khaki thread; light clothing with evergreen thread.
  4. Order questions or issues? Contact Lands' End Business Customer Service at 800-587-1541.
  5. For more local questions, issues, or ideas, email Aubry Chew, Pawsitive Teams Volunteer, at